Pastor Richard Jordan Q&A 2015

Pastor Richard Jordan of Shorewood Bible Church in Rolling Meadows, IL did a Q&A at Grace Bible Ministires on January 18, 2015.

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  1. by Sharon Ballard

    On July 12, 2015

    I would like to know what the Bible has to say about homosexuality. I know that it is not acceptable but what I want to know is how does one deal with a person that is of that persuasion. I have a friend that says she would have nothing to do with them and I feel that Christ loves EVERYONE and that we too should deal with any situation with the love of God. Please explain to me what our stand should be regarding this subject. Thank you.

    Sharon Ballard
    3882 Peters Road
    Columbiaville, MI 48421

  2. by Gail Steelhammer-Cohen

    On July 30, 2016

    As with any non-believer, I would first deal with what they believe – show them who Christ is, why He came and how we are saved by faith in his death, burial and resurrection – that His blood covers all of our sins – that He loved us so much that He shed H is blood so that God when He sees us, He sees is Son and not our sinful selves (also tell them that all who have not accepted Him are spiritually dead). If they will truly believe, they will find that He will work in us, if we really want to be a child of God, to change us so that we will love what God loves and hate the sins that God hates.

  3. by Ram Nebula

    On July 17, 2017

    How does Pastor Jordan answer the cults that believe blood transfusions are the same as Old Testament Scripture claims as “eating blood”, and therefore denounce any type of blood or whole blood transfusions today. They point not only to the Old Testament Law, but to the New Testament Acts 15:13-20,25-29.

    Yet in Ga.2:8-10. The Apostle Paul does not mention “refraining from blood.”, but addresses idol worshipping in his epistles under the Gospel of Grace. I’m not sure if ‘eating blood’ is the same as a blood transfusion and cannot speak hermeneutically to this issue. It appears Paul first started preaching to the Jews first, as Christ directed the other Apostles, so I can understand the Jewish Church was still adhering to the Law. When Paul began preaching the Gospel of Grace from Romans to Philemon, I’m not convinced a blood transfusion, which did not exist during Biblical times, is the same as eating or digesting blood. Would you point to Scriptural support of this, under Grace?

    Appreciate your ‘rightly divided’ guidance on this.

    Ram Nebula
    Westland, MI

  4. by Nick

    On August 22, 2017

    grace to you Richard,
    im curious ive seen you with this very large bible. i know its a kjv, i would like to know what publisher and stlye is that big bible you use, if you dont mind, i would like to find one such as that. thank you,
    in the grace of Christ and by the power of His Crosz

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